Sunday, July 8, 2012

Social Studies Staff Attend Minnetonka Institutes

Over the past three years several social studies staff members (along with other school staff) have fortunate to attend the leadership institutes put on by the Minnetonka School District. The Minnetonka Summer Institutes have cutting edge leaders in the field of education. Doug Reeves, Dylan Wiliam, Bill Daggett, and Mike Schmoker have been just a few of the top leaders who have spoken. The focus over the past three years has been on assessment of student learning and grading. Staff have come back to the district with sound ideas based on research. Being able to have staff attend these institutes has propelled us forward in terms of assessment. Handouts from this summer's sessions can be found at Minnetonka website and notes from the Bill Daggett, Ann Davies and Doug Reeves presentations can be found here.

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