Sunday, July 8, 2012

Social Studies SMARTBoards

D. C. Everest Social Studies staff were fortunate to have SMART Boards and document cameras installed into classrooms this past year. Additionally some social studies teachers also received the SMART Response System (clickers) to use to assess students. This technology was made possible due to a generous grant from the TOSA Foundation. This foundation was created by Wisconsinites John and Tashia Morgridge. The couple has donated millions to education causes in Wisconsin.

Social studies teachers received in-service training on how to use the SMART Boards effectively. Teachers have been able to provide more visual learning for students. They can highlight specific parts of a map or have students analyze a picture. Teachers have also used the document cameras to take pictures of student work to use as exemplars or to simply critique the work. Teachers have also implemented the clickers in which students use clickers to answer multiple choice questions. Students then get immediate feedback and the teacher also sees which questions students had difficulty with.

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