Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thinking Like a Historian

Our social studies department has adopted the Thinking Like a Historian inquiry categories to improve student thinking in its history classes. Doug Buehl, reading consultant out of Madison WI., informed our department that when students read history text they need to think like historians and when they read science text or math text they should think like scientists or mathematicians. With this in mind, the Wisconsin Historical Society in conjunction with UW- Whitewater education professors, created 5 inquiry categories which are always in the minds of readers of history. They are cause and effect, change and continuity, turning points, using the past, and through their eyes. The teachers added a 6th category called differing perspectives. Inquiry questions have been created for each of the 6 categories that go through the students mind as they read. The department created a powerpoint explaining Thinking Like a Historian. It can be found at Thinking Like a Historian


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