Saturday, January 8, 2011

Students Make History in Weston, WI.

The Oral History Project students at D.C. Everest have been recognized by the Portal Wisconsin blog. According to their website, is a Web site created by the Wisconsin Cultural Coalition to support the state’s culture, arts, humanities and history. Our culture and arts blog, begun in February 2009, offers site visitors a new place to discover Wisconsin’s rich resources in the arts and humanities. Recently the D. C. Oral History Project published Zaj Lus: A Hmong Children's Story Collection as well as a Collection or veteran interviews on the Iraq War titled The Iraq War and Occupation: A Struggle for Democracy. The Club is currently working on a new collection of oral interviews on Wisconsin Women: Celebrating Their Contributions. The D.C. Everest Oral History Project was the 2009 recipient of the American Historical Association's Albert Beveridge K-12 Teaching Award!

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