Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wisconsin Women Oral History Project

This past fall the D.C. Everest Oral History Project completed its 20th book entitled Wisconsin Women: Celebrating Their Contributions The contains over 90 interviews with Wisconsin Women from a variety of different of different fields. The student editors stated that themes such as fighting for rights for women and resilience came out repeatedly as they interviewed people. Students conducted the interviews through their 8th grade history classes and 10th grade seminar classes. The students then transcribed and edited the interviews. Students in our Oral History Project after school club then used the desktop publishing program Quark to get the interviews ready for publishing. Students put in many long and hard hours putting pictures into the interviews, pulling out quotes to be highlighted, making phone calls to get missing information and many other publishing jobs. Most of the interviews can also be found on the D.C. Everest website. Once the book was published a book reception was held and the Grand Theater's Great Hall in Wausau. We were fortunate to have Justice Ann Walsh Bradley and Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson give an outstanding presentation about the struggles Wisconsin Women have faced throughout Wisconsin's History.

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